Jedi of innovation. We are.

Younicorns has been supporting companies in designing and launching innovative products since 2018.

Our story.

In 2018, Brahim and Jonathan noticed that the innovation sector lacked an important player: an agile and reliable partner at the service of mid-sized companies. Drawing on their experience in the world of consulting and entrepreneurship, they created Younicorns; the Startup Studio capable of assisting companies in the design and launch of innovations.

From the outset, Younicorns joined forces with Keyrus to create synergies. Today, this partnership allows Younicorns to offer its clients a strong presence, varied expertise and a rich ecosystem of partners.

Our philosophy.

We are doers: we are committed to moving your projects forward with concrete actions. We break the mould by bringing into our missions he rhythm, methods and tools that make startups agile.

Whatever your activity, our philosophy remains the same: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

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Our team.






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Our approach.

Working with Younicorns means identifying opportunities in your market, designing and implementing a product that appeals, and finding your first customers.

We are able to guide your project, whatever its maturity and your need.

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Younicorns is accredited for the French Innovation Tax Credit (CII)

In France, the innovation tax credit (CII) is an aid scheme for innovative companies introduced by the 2013 Finance Act which complements the research tax credit (CIR). Its objective is to support companies that incur specific expenses to innovate (BPI definition)

Our motto.

Like you, Luke has tried everything to master the Force, but without much success. Yoda's wisdom taught him that to succeed, he had to stop trying and start doing: "Do. Or do not. There is not try."